It is a massive multiplayer online, location based game, played upon a mobile phone technology. The game was created by the master students of Bremen University including me. I mostly worked on the interaction and visual design of the project.
G@L is a European subsidy project. I worked in Philips Innovation Lab and Eindhoven University (TU/e) to create the interface of the games on demand service that enables gameplay, both in the home as well as at hotels, Internet Cafés and other local environments, for users who do not typically play video games, or do so only very occasionally.

You can take a look at my shortened final presentation(!) of the project.
This is the conference website of Experiencing Light 2009. I designed
the visual identity of the conference; website programming, poster and flyer design. I still need to make the proceeding cover though...
Experiencing Light
Things I am involved with are visual design, information visualization, user experience design, interaction design, and prototyping.
stands for “Atike”. That is my name.